Rust Apron

Friends, I wear this thing every day. Twice.

When I went back to work this time, I swore that I wouldn’t show up filthy from a full morning of care giving and kitchen work. Also, I really want to preserve my clothes! Which is tough to do when your children regularly use your clothing as a literal napkin/tissue/vomit catcher. So, an apron was in order.

And I had one in mind

I had made a pinafore style apron a few years ago, kinda like this, but I just made up the pattern. I found that mine looked kind of sloppy on me. I’ve got some lovely lady lumps so sometimes baggy things can look not the greatest. But, I love the cross back of the pinafore apron, a lot. And on some people, they look very elegant. But not on me, so I decided against the pinafore style.

Enter the Home Depot apron

Look close. You can probably see some food/snot/barf on there in this photo.

Lol. For whatever reason, I’m at home depot fairly frequently and all of their employees wear orange aprons that have good front coverage, can be form fitting or loose depending on your mood, and they cross in the back. Yes.

I set aside a sewing weekend that I had been looking forward to for months to make this baby. My wonderful hostess happened to have an apron that I used as a pattern, and I just added the straps and the deep, front pockets.

There was some debate about the straps and my method. I cut long strips, folded and pressed them with right sides together, sewed a seam, then pulled them through. An esteemed sewer much more experienced than myself suggested I should just double fold and then top stitch close to the fold.

What do you think?


Also, grommets are my worst nightmare

I used grommets for this design, and the grommet fairy wasn’t with me this time so the grommets are fucked but whatever. Gosh darn grommets. Like, how?

Update: one of the grommets fell out and now I have to put a bigger grommet in $#(@#*@!)

But other than that grommet fail, I’m just really digging how functional and beautiful this thing is. The fabric is a linen rust that I have SO MUCH OF because I found a roll of it at VV Boutique one day in the 2000’s and have just kept using it. It is the never-ending role of linen.

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