The 101 Trouser

Person holding baby wearing green pants and white socksIt’s been over a month since I actually made these trousers (Merchant and Mills), so I barely remember the process. It took me forever to get a picture of them I was happy with! I need to find a place in my house with a back drop, and need to perfect the art of the advanced selfie.

In the end, my great pal Emily got the shot. Baby Leon and I got some snuggles in, and the pants were captured.

I put these together with fabric I had around. The fabric is maybe a bit too lightweight for pants. Better for a shirt, but the effect is flowy and it almost feels like I have nothing on, which will be nice in the summer.

Next time I make these, I’m going to baste stitch them together (just learned that this is a thing I can do with my machine – shout out to Heather the Quilter), and try one size down. These are a size 14, and they are pretty loose. Just want to see what the 12 would feel like.

Another thing I’d like to do is put in a thick elastic at the waist, rather than a drawstring.

My take aways for the 101 trousers

  • use heavier fabric
  • try to make the size 12 (again with throw away fabric, until I get the right fit)
  • swap drawstring out for thick elastic

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