Killer clutch

Friends, I’ll just say, in case you haven’t gathered, I am currently unemployed.

I made some risky decisions, played hard and fast with my career. There may have been a touch of over confidence involved and it did not pan out, and since November, when my last contract ended, I haven’t had a job.

So here I am on E.I.

And maybe I shouldn’t use the word glorious to describe my life right now, but I can’t help it. It is truly glorious. Both my kids are in school, I am at home all day, and I am catching up on things that have been giving me guilt for the entirety of my 30s.

untitled (1 of 3)
I have time to paint my nails and get dressed up for advanced selfie photo shoots

House stuff, kids stuff, partner stuff, SELF stuff. Stuff that is REQUIRED for the basic maintenance of the house, kids, partner and self, but that I could just never get to as a mom working full time whose partner also works full time.


And why is it the expectation?!? It kills me. Anyway, the plan is to eventually go back to that exhausting but less financially stressful lifestyle, so until then, I will be living in the moment and truly relishing my accomplishments.

Accomplishments like finishing this clutch

I attended a workshop at the Workroom in Toronto (in like, 2007), and learned how to make this baby. The idea is that you re-purpose some old leather pants or a skirt and make this clutch with liner. I was using an old pair of my stepmother’s size 4 leather pants, so there was enough material for 3 clutches.

Don’t even with that liner

The one that I completed in class, I gave to my grrrl, Sar. Then I made another one, and gave it to my mom. There was still material for one more, which would be for me. I cut and marked the material, and for the life of me, I have no idea what prohibited me from completing that clutch, because it was bk (before kids), but it stayed around with the clasp and instructions for TEN YEEAAARRRRSS.

untitled (3 of 3)

Last week, I spent the hour required, to complete this beautiful clutch with repurposed leather and the dreamiest bunny liner, I have ever seen. Not to brag but, this clutch is killer and it will be accompanying me to my next formal event.

Now to get invited to a formal event…

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