Diving into a new ironing board cover

I’ve been ironing a ton lately (while sewing), and so have been keeping the ironing board on the main floor where I work and keep my machine. It’s tucked away, but you can still see it. And here’s what it looked like:

ironing board 1
Stop judging me

I’ve had this cover for 15 years and it’s looked this way for at least a year. I was quite used to it, but posting it here feels almost like obscene content. Very hard to look at. Very gross.

But I refuse to buy a new ironing board cover

None I’ve seen that are available to buy are cool, and I’ve just seen too many beautiful and elegant ones in sew shops and blogs. So making a new cover for my ironing board has been near the top of my project list for a while. I knew it would only take an afternoon, and time has been a bit short, so I decided to try and do it with some fabric, batting and bias tape that were laying around my house already.

ironing board 2
I bought this heavy-weight fabric from Ikea many moons ago

I just traced the old cover on the batting and fabric, top stitched them together (minus a little extra panel of fabric at top meant to hold the cover in place), then pinned bias tape around whole edge, and stitched it in place to finish the edge, all the way around.

Sewing the bias tape in place was tough, and there were a bunch of places that I had to go over again because my stitching didn’t incorporate all of the layers. Sure wish I had some mustard thread kicking around along with that sweet bias tape!

ironing board 5
Don’t look at the stitching! Only at the colours – nice combo, huh?

Also, my bias tape wasn’t long enough, so I had to add some more (of a different colour – see sexy picture below) to the gap to ensure the string went all the way around.

ironing board 6
Does this photo look very salacious to you? Me neither.

A good exercise in just DOING

ironing board 3
In all her glory: my new elegant ironing board that perfectly complements the colours of my home

In my life, I tend to take things slowly and carefully. I think part of this is because I don’t want to fail. There are great, great things about taking things slowly and moving about the world carefully; you notice more, it’s easier to enjoy your time, and for projects, you often do end up with a quality outcome.

BUT in sewing, this characteristic has been a bit of a hindrance for me. I avoid projects that I don’t feel I have the experience to do well, instead of diving in, and learning as I go.

The latter approach won’t give you a perfect item or garment BUT (but but but), the best way to learn is to do (and sometimes, to fail).

So, I just whipped up this ironing board cover, with no pattern, no Pinterest guidance and not enough time set aside to do a meticulous job. It was a great exercise in just starting something without so much worry about whether or not it’s perfect. As a result, it does NOT look neat and tidy (the stitching is downright wacky in some places).  And I love it/feel fairly certain it won’t fall apart.

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