Kitty oven mitts

My mummy requested oven mitts from me for Christmas, so I made her a pair that matched her kitchen but then also made a few more pairs – that have cats on them.

Learn from my mistakes

I used the tutorial from Crafty Gemini. I liked it, but I drew my own pattern by tracing a pair that I have already, and didn’t leave enough room for the seam allowance, so the mitts all came out too small – grrrr. Dumb mistake. Well, to be clear, they aren’t too small for my hands, but will certainly be too small for my partner’s gigantic paws.

I used thick cotton batting that was marketed as microwave safe (?!?) instead of the heat proof stuff that the Crafty Gemini and Pinterest tells you to use. This is because, usually I use folded up cotton tea towels to take things out of the oven and that works just fine. Know what though? If I get burned, or if my mum gets burned, I’ll update the post – lol.

I liked the tutorial because the mitts are lined, and I also enjoy that you don’t need seam tape to finish the bottom. Gives a nice clean look, if you bother to properly measure the mitts like I did not. You can see with my mitts that the liner fabric is peeking out at the bottom in an uneven sort of way. That wasn’t on purpose, but I kind of dig it. I like a good peeking liner.

Moo Moo keeps me company while I sew

Neat project and a unique gift

Yes, you can buy oven mitts at Winners for $10, but this was a really fun project and I love choosing the fabric that is around my home.

Making these could:

  • perk up your kitchen
  • be a cool house warming gift
  • make the cutest little addition to your child’s play kitchen – RIGHT? Mega-cute

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