The perfect little gift

My mission to master my zipper foot has driven me to create more and more boxy zipper pouches and since it happens to be the holidays, I’ve given them to all my femme relatives!

Some with tabs and some without – mostly because I kept on forgetting to put the tabs in until after the zippers were secured.

These two were made with a large linen tank top that I picked up at a mission shop for a buck. Little pouches are such a great way to use up smaller pieces of fabric! Especially if you’re a linen collector….

This print is so joyous. Found in a second-hand shop like, over ten years ago for sure. I’ve been thinking a ton about fabric production…. ethical vs. not ethical. I have never really had the money that it takes to support a sewing habit, so I’ve always collected fabrics from second-hand shops, but now that I’d like to foray into garments, I’d like to know more about fabric production and the choices that are available to us.

Can anyone suggest some good info on ethical fabric production? Would love to hear what folks have come across!

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