For ladies who lunch

I have some time this year, so decided to make a whack of these boxy pouches as holiday gifts. I needed some zipper foot practice (is it possible that mine isn’t working? My needle doesn’t fit into the spot where it looks like it should go…), and have always cherished the handmade pouch that I bought from a crafty person once upon a time.

These pouches are very mature and sophisticated. These are for ladies who lunch.

I adapted this tutorial for these pouches, but find there is a gap in the lining at the zipper base that bugs me a bit…I’m going to try and avoid it in the next pouches I do.

I’ve made 4 of the pink pouches with black lining (varying sizes), one of the grey pouch with blue lining, and plan to make 4 or 5 more pouches out of a fun and youthful fabric combo that I’m super pumped about. I’ll post when they’re done.

Also thinking that I’ll add back in the little tabs at the base of each side of the zipper. I omitted them in these pouches because the outer fabric is thick and I didn’t have any trim I could use instead. But the next round of pouches uses nice thin quilting cotton, so I’ll just make little tabs from that.

This is so fun.

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