Cherishing kid’s knits

I’m not sure who made this sweater, or who owed this sweater before us, but I do know that when I saw it on the rack at Talize, I slipped it very quickly into my cart marveling at my consistent extreme luck when shopping for 2nd hand clothes.

My son is the type of kid who will wear pretty much anything I lay out for him, so he wore this sweater a bunch. By the time he had outgrown it, the sleeve had started to unravel and the zipper (sewn on by hand), had started to come off.

Child's sweater repair (3 of 3)

Previously, sweater mending had been a bit intimidating to me ( I think because I don’t know how to knit), but after a visible mending workshop by Stacey Sproule at Watson and Lou, I had to tools to embark on my pile of knits that needed repair.

Child's sweater repair (2 of 3)

My daughter has refused to wear this sweater – I think because it doesn’t have Elsa on it although I pointed out that it is blue like Elsa’s dress (?!?) – so I am going to give it to some great pals and hope it continues its journey keeping 5 year olds warm in the woods.

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