Little lined zipper pouch

God these are fun to make. And a great way to use fat quarters, and left over fabric from previous projects! But, not super intuitive for the beginner sewist.

It takes me many minutes to wrap my head around the lining, and how everything is sewn to the zipper, so you’re able to turn it out in a way that allows you to sew around the edge and make a pouch.

It’s almost like a magic trick when it happens correctly.

For the blue pouch shown here (cute right?) I missed the step of over-stitching the fabric and lining once they were sewn to the zipper. And now, not only does it not look quite as clean BUT also, whenever I use the zipper, the lining gets caught. Not ideal.

Wonky and beautiful

Might just re-do and while I’m at it, make it into a tutorial!

Because when you get the steps down, this little pouch can be sewn in less than an hour. And you could probably do about 10 in an afternoon if you went assembly line style.

You could make cute:

  • sandwich/snack bags
  • make up/toiletries cases
  • wet bags for pads, diapers, bathing suit (very useful!)

Stay tuned for an easy to follow tutorial on how to make these, and then make many of them for everyone you know!

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